Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Strangest Cars

The first difference between America and Okinawa that I noticed as soon as I left the airport was the size and shape of the cars in the parking lot. They are so small! And there are so many shapes and colors of cars that I have never seen before! Matt and I are so excited to purchase two new cars. We really cannot test drive until we have taken our driver's test, but we can sure look around! We have already visited the Okinawa Yard Sales site (similar to Craigslist), and the auto resale lot (jokingly called the lemon lot) within walking distance of our hotel. We also see cars we love while simply walking through parking lots. I thought I would share some pictures of the crazy, colorful cars of Okinawa.
This is our friend Tim's highlighter yellow car.

Some of the pastel cars at the grocery store. 
We thought this car looked like a robot!
This is Matt's favorite vehicle so far. It is a Pajero Mini and looks like a tiny jeep. 
This 2001 Toyota Will is for sale at the lemon lot. I like the style!

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