Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Murder Mystery Party

Even though Halloween is months away, our neighbors gave us an excuse to dress up in costumes when they hosted a murder mystery dinner party. This specific mystery was entitled "Pasta, Passion, and Pistols" and took place at an Italian Restaurant. For those who have never been accused of murder for fun, everyone is assigned a character beforehand. I was Angel Roni, the tough daughter of the deceased living in New York City. Matt was Father Al Fredo, a priest who knows everyone's secrets. We enjoyed an Italian dinner, and afterwards we were all given a script and secret clue to reveal. We take turns revealing clues and accusing each other. We all make a final guess on whodunnit, and the murderer is revealed at the very end. I loved how everyone at the party stayed in character, and some even attempted Italian or French accents. We had a wonderful evening, and this time neither Matt nor I were guilty of murder!

The sign greeting us at the door. 

Tara Misu and Rocco Scarfazzi

Mama Rosa and her son and daughter

Clair Voyant, Father Al Fredo, Bo Jalais

Who committed the crime?


  1. Love it! That's my kind of party! Matt, you are adorable.

  2. Wow!! Seems like a fantastic party. I love to attend such mystery dinner parties. Next week have to attend my cousin’s party at one of LA venue and she has been still looking for best and excellent ideas for the day as she wants to have memorable day.