Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Major Happenings This Week

First Major Happening: The Marine Corps Ball

Matt and I missed the ball for his unit, but our sponsor bought tickets so we could attend the ball for the staff of third division (I don't get the organization of the divisions...all I know is I wore a pretty dress). I think this was the best ball I have been to yet! We sat at a table with our sponsors, so we had people to talk with throughout dinner. Speaking of which...dinner was really delicious! Salad and shrimp cocktails and roast beef and cake. The cake was the biggest I have ever seen at a birthday ball. We had dancing as well, and I insisted that other wives join me for the electric slide and cupid shuffle. I even met a general who shook my hand and slapped me on the back (kind of hard too). I think that means I met his approval...

Second Major Happening: Matt's New Car

Matt purchased a 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini from another Marine leaving the island. It has four wheel drive, jump seats in the back, and a surf rack on the roof. It is perfect for Matt and his large amounts of gear. Even though the car is 17 years old, since the JCI requires that maintenance and repairs are complete every two years cars stay in much better condition. I also drove off base for the first time when we went to pick up the car. I cut off a bus accidentally (which is illegal here), but no casualties so I am ready for my next driving adventure!

Third Major Happening: Shisa Lion-Dogs

Shisa lion-dogs can be found all over the island. They are outside every home and every business. Even on base! There is even a pair on the roof of our tower, but we wanted some of our very own. One is male with his mouth open to scare away bad spirits, and the other is female with her mouth closed to keep good luck within the home. Now we have our own shisa as well as the fierce Tilly to keep away bad spirits!

Really, really big shisa at a restaurant. 


  1. LOVE THE PIC OF TILLY! It does look like she's fiercely guarding the home!

    1. She still loves on any mover or maintenance man that enters the home. She only looks fierce.