Saturday, November 2, 2013

The First 24 Hours

Matt studying the map-his favorite form of research. 
The majority of our first 24 hours in Okinawa was spent sleeping. We had barely slept for two days, so we were out for eleven hours straight as soon as we reached our hotel. When we woke up that morning I was better able to appreciate everything our sponsors had done for us. They had already stocked our fridge with frozen pizza (which we had eaten before bed), milk, bottled water, and grapes. They had an assortment of cereals on the counter along with traditional Okinawan pineapple cookies, their cell phone numbers, and a map of the base and the island. The hotel room they had booked for us was on Kadena Air Force Base. We are staying here until we find housing. While the room is one of the older ones of the Air Force Inn, I am so comfortable here. There is a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even a separate kitchen with two of everything: two pots, two plates, two glasses, two bowls, two forks and two spoons. 

This is the light switch and fan for the bathroom. I am still confused by it. 
Around noon our sponsors picked us up and took us off base for our first real Japanese meal. We went to Stripes Noodle for ramen. Our sponsors had to order and pay for us because a) we could not read the menu and b) we did not have any yen. We have a lot to learn! We all ordered steak ramen with gyoza (potstickers) and it was amazing! My only problem was the chopsticks. It took me ten minutes to eat one potsticker. At this current rate I would probably starve, but I am sure I will improve out of necessity. 

After lunch our sponsors took us to the Exchange to sign our new contracts for cell phones. We both have the new iPhone 5s. We signed the contract that was in Japanese, so I must have a lot of faith in the salesperson. I am looking for apps that will facilitate communication with friends and family. Any suggestions? 

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  1. Sooo excited to see/hear all that is to come! Your sponsors were so very thoughtful.