Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Cypha

I have a new car!!! She is a 2003 Toyota Will Cypha. She is the same kind as the highlighter yellow car Tim has, but in a cool, ice blue. Matt and I looked all over the lemon lot and bookoo (the Okinawan Craigslist), but we decided to go with a used car dealership. The main reason being the JCI- Japanese Cumpulsary Automobile Insurance. Every two years you must pass an inspection that tests every aspect of your car: engine, tires, lights, etc. The test itself is expensive, but even more expensive is the possibility of numerous little fixes that will be required before you can drive again . Usually one can expect to pay anywhere from one to two thousand dollars in order to pass the inspection. The car dealership included a brand new JCI, so we will only have to pay the insurance once while we are on the island. They also threw in new tires. We were sold! The positive side to the JCI is that cars remain in excellent condition here far longer than in the states. We chose a 2003 for me, but we are going to test drive a car from the late '90's for Matt this week.

So far I have only driven on Camp Courtney, my little home base. Eventually I will branch out to the madness that is off base, but until then me and my Cypha are going to know how to get to the grocery store and the library really, really well!

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  1. I think your car is so cute and is a pretty color too. You look very happy and I hope you are adjusting to this next adventure in your life. It is so exciting to me to read about all you are getting to do.

    We love you,

    Papa Jack and Ms Gail