Friday, May 4, 2018

The Aquarium

Monterey has a famous aquarium, known for its sea otter rescue program and location on Cannery Row as a former sardine cannery. I worked there for a few months, impressed by its dedication to science education and happy animals. While I did not enjoy working in the peak season (imagine thousands of visitors in a concrete former factory), I soon missed the sea otters and jellyfish. Matt and I returned during the off-season local appreciation week where we could visit for free!

The kelp forest exhibit. Monterey Bay Aquarium pumps in water directly from the bay, which is also a kelp forest. 

My favorite marine animal and unofficial mascot of Monterey... the adorable sea otter!

Impressive jellyfish exhibit. 

Matt bought me a stuffed sea otter as we exited through the gift shop!

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  1. Interesting place. I show a video every year about Monterrey Bay every year. Can't wait to see in in person.