Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Pedicures

My and my husband's feet are much prettier after the weekend we both tried new experiences with pedicures. On Saturday I went with Beverly to her first post-baby pedicure. Instead of the Cocok's on the seawall that I know and love, we went to the Cocok's on Highway 23 with a whole new book of designs! Pedicures are meant to be relaxing, but I could not help but stress over picking one design out of hundreds by the time came to paint my toes. While the seawall location only has around ten chairs, this place was huge with around forty chairs and different rooms for other services. I saw many wives bringing their husbands along to enjoy the lengthy calf massage, but this visit was just for us girls. 


I FINALLY chose pink hibiscus flowers.

Matt had his opportunity Sunday when we went to Okinawa World. He tried the Dr. Fish pedicure with our friends who were nervous about letting tiny fish nibble the dead skin off their toes, and those fish LOVED his feet! 

This is the face of being tickled and NOT kicking fish in the face.

An all-you-can-eat buffet for Dr. Fish!

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