Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Trick Art Museum

At the base of the iconic ferris wheel in American Village is a museum: a trick art museum. It was a gallery full of optical illusions. The majority of art was painted on the walls with footprints on the floor for the person posing and another set of footprints for the photographer to capture the correct angle in order to make the two-dimensional art appear three dimensional. We had so much fun taking each other's pictures in front of crazy backgrounds!

Aquapanda's 3D Trick Art under the ferris wheel.

The animated, um, aquapandas I guess, greeted us at the entrance...

and showed us the correct direction... 

And even sold drinks!

Standing in the wrong place, 

and then the correct place.

I rotated the photo to capture this effect.

In a shark cage, accidentally standing on the side bars.

My friend Alex standing correctly on the bottom of the cage and looking terrified.

Attack of the giant octopus!!!

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