Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Whirlwind of a Week

Right as Matt and I reached our one year anniversary of living on Okinawa my mother and sister came to visit us in our new home! They were only staying a week, but I wanted to show them everything I love about Okinawa (which is a whole lot). Since we only had seven days, we explored a different part of the island and tried a new restaurant every day. My family ignored the jet lag to experience as much as possible during their stay. I had so much fun, and I wanted to share some pictures to highlight the many different places we visited in a short amount of time.

Cafe Doka Doka. Okinawa Pizza with a view of the East China Sea.

Cape Manza. The cliffs drop straight into the ocean.
Nail art from Cocok's on the Sunabe Seawall.
Todoroki Waterfall

Pineapple Park
Delicious sushi
Courtney Beach - we were the only ones there!
Maeda Flats - we were the only ones there!

Another beach- still the only ones there!
Nakagusuku castle ruins

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