Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Sapporo Tower

The Sapporo TV tower was designed in 1957 by Tachu Naito, the same architect of the Tokyo tower. It stands on one side of Odori Park in the center of the city. We took the stairs to reach the third floor where we hopped on a glass elevator to the observation room. All along the stairway were posters with Tawakkie, the cartoon mascot of the tower. There were comic strips of Tawakkie eating a hot dog at the Statue of Liberty and a baguette at the Eiffel Tower, but the children in Sapporo were crying with no TV tower so he returned. The entire tower family of Tawakkie greeted us in English!

The observation floor was a simple room with huge windows and stunning views. The sun was already beginning to set by 4pm, and with all the sunlight streaming in the room grew very warm. We only stayed long enough for Matt to snap some shots of the city before we descended in the elevator to explore more of Odori Park. 

We found the theater!

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