Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Nail Art Masterpieces

I am so excited to introduce my friend Ellie! We met while both attending the University of Georgia. Now she lives and works in Chicago, a cold land far, far away from the tropical sun and surf of Okinawa. I am so excited to show her some of my favorite places of the island!

I made a reservation weeks ago at Cocok's Ocean View Nail Cafe since this place books up fast. The salon overlooks the Sunabe seawall, so you can watch the ocean waves as your toes are transformed into works of art.

The grumpy cat look-a-like that lives at the salon.
The paint and nail polish used to create art.
When you walk inside you are escorted to overstuffed recliners. After you put your feet up you are served iced hibiscus tea and handed a binder full of nail art options as well as wooden boards covered in plastic nails with even more examples of paintings that can be replicated on your fingers or toes.

Your feet soak in scented warm water as you struggle to decide which design out of hundreds to choose. After the soak is a long foot massage, and then the painting begins with tiny brushes to capture every detail of your chosen design. The whole appointment takes over an hour, but it is an hour spent in bliss. Afterwards you are handed a personalized receipt of the service so you can pay and walk outside to admire your toes in the sunlight.

The check with Hello Kitty!

Ellie chose a painting of Mt. Fuji with cherry blossoms, while I went with yellow stripes and summer flowers. I am thrilled with the intricate designs on my toes, and I  love that I get to share such a unique place with my friend Ellie.

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