Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Cafe Called Transit

While it is almost impossible to choose between all the amazing eateries on the island, a new winner for my tastebuds has just edged out all of the competitors. The name of this winning restaurant is Transit Cafe. It sits on the second floor of a white building overlooking the seawall. It is a tiny cafe that only fits a four tables inside and three outside on the porch. It is near Kadena Air Base where I work, and I have come to expect Matt to take me there as reward whenever I have to work Saturdays.

I especially love ordering one of their six lunch sets. In addition to your entrĂ©e you receive soup, salad, a drink, and a special price on a half order of cake! Everything you order is adorned with orchids or mint sprigs and beautifully presented. My current favorites on the menu are the ahi poke (avocado, tuna, sea grapes, and raw quail egg), camembert cheese fondue, and mango juice with fresh fruit. 

The staff are very friendly, and I frequent Transit so often I began to recognize faces. I used my meager Japanese to ask one server her name and tell her mine in return (in Japanese!). I then had to beg a friend to ask her again because I didn't catch it the first time she said her name. Now whenever I enter she calls "Amanda-san!" I enjoy being a regular at this little cafe by the sea. 


  1. Amanda-san! How pretty! The dinner looks lovely (most of it). You will be taking Mom there?

    1. I think so! It's my favorite and right next to the nail salon.