Friday, June 6, 2014

The Six Month Update

Technically, we have been living in Okinawa for seven months and five days. We are entering our first summer and simultaneously our first typhoon season. I am now comfortable with speaking Japanese phrases, using chopsticks, and driving on the left side of the road. I feel very accomplished and happy on my island home. While Matt arrived on Okinawa knowing his mission and work location, I had a lot of free time that needed filling. I had spent five months preparing for this move (see previous blog posts), and now it was time to settle. While I have kept everyone up-to-date on my weekend escapades, now that I have reached the six month mark I thought I would share how I fill my time in between adventures.

First of all, I have a job! I was unemployed for over a year before Okinawa, so I am happy to be entering into the workforce slowly with part-time work. I am a desk clerk at Kadena Air Force Base ITT, which stands for Information, Tickets, and Travel. I sign up customers for local and guided international tours and sell tickets for attractions on Okinawa. I enjoy knowing before all my friends what festivals or events are being held and where. I have the inside scoop!

Second of all, I enjoy eating at small cafes off-base. A lot. Whether with Matt on weekends or my girlfriends on my off days, I have really tasted some excellent and novel dishes. I have expanded my palate to include sashimi (raw fish) and unagi (freshwater eel).

Lastly, I have a reputation with my friends as the girl who brings cakes to events. I happily spend hours on each cake: baking, making buttercream icing from scratch, piping flowers. I now have quite the repertoire.

Baby Shower Cake

Easter Cake

Purple Birthday Cake
Lots of cakes and fish and tickets in my life in order to tide me over until the next exploration, which I will be sure to include in a post very soon!

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  1. You have become an excellent cake decorator. I need you to send me the Butter Cream icing. I always that pre-made in a can. I just love reading about your activities and seeing the beautiful photos you are making. Enjoy each day to the fullest while you are there. Ms Gail