Monday, June 2, 2014

The Secret Vacation Part 2: The Resort

After two hours and forty minutes on the ferry Matt and I arrived at our island vacation destination, the location of which I will reveal in my next post. The suspense!!! I first have to describe our novel experience at a Japanese-style resort. I had booked two nights in the superior deluxe room at the Pricia Resort. While very luxurious, we experienced first-hand the idiosyncrasies of staying at a hotel in a different country. A special key was needed to turn on the electricity, so we could not leave it on when we left the room. The air conditioning units were controlled by a remote with all the buttons in Japanese. The toilet was electric with a warmed seat. In the traditional style, all the beds at the hotel were twin-sized with rock-hard pillows. We spent a few minutes just trying to figure out our living arrangements for the next two nights!

We were in the first floor apartment.

House slippers for the interior. They did not fit Matt.
Our twin beds with provided pajamas!

Slippers for the exterior (our back yard). Still did not fit Matt.
Despite our confusion, we loved our room due to the AMAZING back yard. We had our own beach chairs and hot tub complete with an ocean view!

A one minute walk from our room brought us to a Mediterranean-style restaurant (with a Japanese twist accidentally) where we ate every lunch and dinner for our stay. The resort was not crowded, so every visit we were able to sit at the same outside table and enjoy the view.

The view at lunch.
The view at dinner.
And what resort would be complete without a private beach?

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