Friday, October 4, 2013

The MOS Graduation

All smiles at graduation
Today marked the end of classes morning and afternoon over urban mobility or route and area clearance. Today marked the end of late nights studying for tests over explosive hazard identification. Today Matt graduated from his MOS school. He is officially a Combat Engineer Officer.

I am so proud of Matt. He learned many things in just a few short months, and he graduated first in his class. Now we have to leave these Marines and meet new ones. Many of his classmates have been through TBS and MOS school together, but now everybody is heading to different parts of the globe. We are traveling to Okinawa, but others left for California directly following the ceremony. A saying that I have heard to be true is that it is a small marine corps. We have made friends here that we will see again sooner than we think.
The view from Courthouse Bay

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