Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Journey

Today is the day we packed up what was left of our possessions in order to move across the world. With our two suitcases and one backpack each we headed to the Atlanta airport this afternoon in order to fly to Seattle. We also had our kitty in her sharp new carrier. She had to leave said carrier when we went through security. TSA insisted that I carry her through the metal detector. Despite the new and original sounds she was making in the car as we neared the airport, she was silent and still in my arms. I hoped the silence would last through the entire flight, but it did not. We hit turbulence halfway through our flight. Tilly started crying. Loudly. I draped my jacket over her carrier in order to provide her a smaller, more comforting space. It incidentally also  helped to muffle the meows that continued until the plane leveled out.

We flew commercial today since the military flight to Okinawa only leaves from Seattle once a week. We chose Delta as it was the only nonstop flight, but I was shocked when they did not feed us! If you have met Matt and I you know that we require sustenance every two hours. Even though the flight was five hours long, they only provided peanuts to eat. We had to pay a ridiculous sum just to buy snack foods from the flight attendants as our stomachs began to grumble. For our super long flight tomorrow we better have food every few hours or else someone will face the wrath of a hungry Amanda. Speaking of our military flight tomorrow, we have to check in at 2:30 a.m. local time. I am signing off in order to sleep a few hours. Tomorrow....Japan!

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