Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Daytrip to Ie Island

During one of our weekly brunch at the delicious Seaside Terrace, Matt and I conversed with one of the lovely waitresses, Yuika-san. Upon learning I had the weekdays free, she invited me to meet her at her second job on Ie island while the lily festival was in full swing. Since I knew Yuika would be working, I invited Alex to accompany me to meet my new friend and travel by ferry to Ie island. We traveled during Golden Week, the first week in May in which every day is a different Japanese holiday. The traffic was not horrible, but the parking at the ferry was! We kept getting turned away by men in orange vests until we were directed into a hotel parking lot up the hill and across the highway from the port. Time was running out, so we ran down the hill, paid for two tickets, and sprinted onto the ferry as they were pulling up the anchor.

The ferry has multiple levels and a garage to transport your cars. 
I told Yuika to look for my tall friend in the crowd of people from the ferry. Not only were we the only two foreigners on the ferry, Alex has bright red hair and stands a full head taller than me. Yuika found us easily and told Alex, "You are tall!" 

Yuika offered us her car to see the lily festival across the island, and while I was floored by her generosity I was more comfortable taking the bus. So off Alex and I went to the festival. Really there were only a few food tents, but we enjoyed eating a picnic lunch overlooking the ocean and attempting to capture the bright colors of the flowers with our iphone cameras. 

After a few hours we took a bus back to the port and confirmed our return ticket. We distracted Yuika from her work (it was a family business, so they did not mind) and talked until it was time to board the ferry. We were turned away, and Yuika translated that the ferry was too full! Fortunately the next one left an hour later. As it turns out I am grateful we missed that ferry because Yuika and her little friend were able to show us this really awesome cave site on Ie island. 

We had so much fun in that extra hour! I am so grateful for friends old and new and adventures with them. I know we will see Yuika again for brunch next weekend!

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