Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Stunning Sound

I saved the best for last. The last post about our New Zealand road trip has all of our photos from Milford Sound, the highlight of our vacation. We booked seats on a two hour cruise that left mid-day. We had about a two drive from Te Anau to reach the port, but the scenery was spectacular. There were lakes and streams and waterfalls streaking down the steep mountains. The most impressive civil engineering I had ever seen was the Homer tunnel that runs three-quarters of a mile through solid rock. It was begun during the Great Depression, and it is still the only way to reach Milford Sound from the rest of New Zealand. The cruise had a cabin with windows, but we spent most of our time on the open air deck as we ate our picnic lunch and snapped so many photos of the snowy peaks and waterfalls. There was a brisk wind, but it was worth braving it to be just a little bit closer to the panoramic views. 

We simply had to stop to take photos while driving through the mountains.

Finally on our boat to tour the sound. 

At some points the captain steered directly under the falls. I took shelter in the cabin to avoid getting wet!

Seals napping in the sun. 

The best weather and the best views during our entire vacation. 

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