Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Okinawan Creperie

While living in North Carolina Matt and I found our first creperie and fell in love with the stuffed, delicate pastries. I honestly thought I was saying "adieu" to the French staple as I moved to the land of sushi and soba, but I was wrong! There is a cafe a few blocks from Kokusai street that serves crepes!

The decor is Victorian with dried flowers and ornate picture frames. For lunch we selected a savory crepe out of three or four options. Matt ordered a crepe filled with pork and topped with egg salad, and I opted for a crepe filled with cheese and potatoes. Each lunch set also comes with a tiny cream-filled dessert crepe just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth... Unless you are Americans like us who REALLY love sweets. We ordered an extra chocolate crepe to split. So worth it!

Their menus were hand-made scrapbooks. 

Anyone who wants to read more about this charming place can go to my friend Kassie's blog Mr. and Mrs. O. When paying our check I showed the owner Kassie's blog post on my phone to explain where we had first learned of the cafe. She recognized Kassie right away, and seemed happy that other English-speakers might soon be frequenting her establishment. She asked to take our picture, and I found it later on their Facebook page! Sometimes I fret about not knowing very much of the language or customs of this country, and I worry that I do not make a polite customer. When I realized our presence even as foreigners was celebration enough to take a picture it made me feel very welcomed in this adorable Okinawan creperie. 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the cafe! It's always fun to share new places with friends. :)