Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Whales

One popular activity on the little island we call home is whale watching. It is only during the months of February and March that humpback whales migrate past Okinawa after the mating season. The whale moms are taking care of their new whale babies, and as a result they stay near the surface of the ocean as they travel. We booked a tour through the marina on base, and set off to see some whales!

I was so nervous. I had heard stories of people getting seasick from the combination of rough water and  a tiny boat, and then they were stuck for hours on the ocean! I took dramamine beforehand, and I purchased ginger candy to snack on while out on the water. I had heard that ginger reduces motion sickness. Fortunately not one person on our boat got sick - not even me!

The captain drove (steered? piloted?) the boat out for about an hour to a spot where whales had been sighted before. Everyone on the boat looked in different directions. If we saw a sign of a whale such as a flipper or a whale spout we would yell and the captain would take off in that direction. There were several other boats in the vicinity, and we would all start racing in the same direction. We only saw one baby and one adult whale over a four hour tour, but it was still exciting rushing from one spot to another in a tiny boat. Matt was even able to snap a picture when the adult whale surfaced. 

Posing for the paparazzi like a superstar. 

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